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Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-Up is a Beautiful Choice!

Permanent Make-up has become a choice of many who want to enhance eyebrows, eyes, lips, and to camouflage scars without the hassle of applying make-up.

Micropigmentation is the process used to create permanent make-up, it is the implantation of pigment just below the surface of the skin, similar to a tattoo. The process has improved over the past few years, and the result is very natural looking eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipliner.

Our Permanent Make-up technicians take extra care to ensure you are comfortable, and the improved quality of topical anesthesias provide for a relatively painless procedure. Call today for a Free Consultation.

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  • Full set of eyebrows $550 (includes one complimentary touch-up within 8 weeks of initial application)
  • Top Eyeliner $250 (add $50 for heavy/thick eyeliner)
  • Bottom Eyeliner $250 (add $50 for heavy/thick eyeliner)
  • Top and Bottom Eyeliner $450 ($500 for heavy/thick eyeliner)
  • Lip Liner $450 
  • Beauty Mark $100

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is a good candidate? A. Everyone! If you have an active lifestyle, watery eyes, poor vision, been affected by a health condition that has left you with little to no eyebrows or eyelashes or just want to save time putting your makeup on everyday. We believe it’s a life changing process!

Q. How long does it last?
A. Depending on your lifestyle, we recommend a touch-up every 9-18 months.

Q. Is the process painful?
A. Some clients experience more discomfort than others. We always use topical anesthetics, as we feel the clients comfort during the process is paramount. One most occasions our clients have expressed minimal to no pain at all.

Q. How long does it take?
A. We never rush our clients and take as much time as necessary to obtain optimal color and comfort. Appointments generally can take between 60-90 minutes.

With any procedure we highly recommend calling Germantown Day Spa and scheduling an appointment for a complimentary consultation to ensure you’re not only comfortable with this life changing experience but excited about it, as well. We know you’ll love it!

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