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Easy Hair Fixes for Summer


Don't let hot, humid summer weather prevent you from looking stylish all summer long. By choosing the correct products, styling methods and haircuts for your hair texture you can have great hair in any type of weather.

Hair is affected by humidity and the sun during the hot summer months.   Depending on your hair type, the high moisture content in the air during humid weather can either create flat/limp or frizzy hair.  We all tend to fall into one of these categories to some degree.   This occurs because humidity tends to draw out the worst natural tendencies in our hair. The moisture in the air reacts with the hydrogen bonds in each strand of hair, causing hair to lose it's style.

Tips for all hair types in the summer sun:
  • Use an SPF hair product when sunning or out in the sun for extended amounts of time (especially color treated hair).  An SPF can protect blondes from chlorine turning their hair green and protect darker hair from fading.  An SPF moisturizes the hair as well, protecting it from sun and chlorine drying it out.
  • Use a heat protectant  product on your hair before blow drying to prevent breakage,  heat damage and dry out.
Product recommendations for all hair types:
  • Color treated hair | Kerastase Aqua Seal
  • Before blow drying to prevent breakage  | Kerastase Nectar Thermique
If humidity makes your hair flat and limp:  
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner made for fine hair. They won't leave heavy residues, which can weigh hair down.  It is also good to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to remove product build up.
  • Use a spritz/spray-on volumizer.   Apply to damp roots, and blow dry (use a 1500 to 1800 watt hair dryer, they work best to ensure hair cuticles don't curl up) with your head flipped upside down to maximize root lift.
  • Apply a styling product  (use as few products as possible because excessive use of styling gels and creams weighs hair down),  try mousse, which gives hold but is light.
  • Finish by applying a flexible-hold hairspray.
Hairstyle tips for flat and limp hair:

Layered haircuts work really well. Blunt cut styles leave too much weight on the length of the hair, causing it to lie flat against the head. This can be especially problematic for those with very thin, fine hair. Layers add dimension to your hair, preventing limp, flat hair even in humid weather.
Product recommendations for flat and limp hair:
  • Shampoo | Kerastase Bain Volumactive
  • Conditioning | Kerastase Lait Substantiff
  • Styling Mouse | Kerastase Mousse Substantif
  • Styling Hair Spray | Kerastase Double Force Ultimate Hair Spray
If humidity makes your hair frizzy:

One of the biggest styling problems created by humid weather is frizz, which often seen in those that have curly or thick, course hair.
  • Begin by applying a smoothing cream or elixir to soaking wet hair. Use more if your hair is long or thick.
  • Blot hair (do not rub) with a towel to remove excess moisture.
  • Apply a balm or strong-hold gel, that is for smoothing, to hair strands from the roots to ends and then comb through.
  • Style per normal (use a 1500 to 1800 watt hair dryer, they work best to ensure hair cuticles don't curl up).
  • When hair is dry, use a bit of smoothing hair cream over the ends of your hair and other areas that tend to get frizzy.
Hairstyle idea for frizzy hair:

For curly hair, choose a cut that is long and slightly angled. Longer hair will create more weight on the hair strands, helping to prevent excessive curling and frizz. Cuts that are angled or slightly layered will keep hair from looking too bulky.
Product recommendations for frizzy hair:
  • To prevent frizz apply to wet or dry hair | Kerastase Elixer
  • Before blow drying to smooth and prevent breakage| Kerastase Nectar Thermique
  • After blow drying for additional smoothing | Kerastase Sublimatejour